Does an apa research paper need an abstract

Your Sociology instructor has just given you your first research paper assignment, required to be written in American Psychological Association, or APA, format. Assignment directions tell you that in between the cover page and the table of contents, an abstract is also required.

Formatting the Abstract Page (APA)

If you are unfamiliar with this concept, then you want to understand what an abstract is and what it is not, and know how to write one and include it in your final paper. An abstract is a brief summary of the content of your research paper. Reading through the abstracts of the first academic articles you research is a good starting point to thoroughly understand its purpose. It can be a useful tool in determining if the selected article fits in with your research topic.

If it does not, then you can save time by just reading the abstract and moving on to more appropriate resources. First, an abstract does not present any new information that is not already included in your paper. Your abstract will contain elements such as an introduction, a few sentences that describe the main points and a conclusion. The purpose of an abstract is to provide a reader with a short summary of a your written work or research paper.

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How to Write an APA Research Paper

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How to Write an Abstract for a Research Paper

Ask a Question. In addition, every time a wok is cited within a paper in APA, a parenthetical citation , a corresponding entry must be included in the reference list.

Basic Tips

APA American Psychological Association is the style the formatting style most used to cite sources within the social sciences and in several other academic disciplines. In research papers, in-text citations are most commonly used in the Introduction and Results sections. This resource provides detailed guidelines for citing sources in your paper and includes examples of in-text citation for reference by research authors.

When referring to external work or referencing an entire work but not directly quoting the material, you only need to make reference to the author and year of publication and not the page number in your citation. The results of the first enzyme study Chen et al.

If you have referred to the author of the work in the sentence or earlier in the paragraph, you only need to include the year of publication in the citation. APA style requires authors to use past tense or present perfect tense NOT present tense when using signal phrases to refer to or discuss previous research.

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When referring to a specific work or works, place the citation publication date only directly after the author of the study referenced. Klinge and Rogers found that mirroring is instrumental in developments of performative gender roles. When giving information that reflects the results or implications of previous work, place the citation author and publication date at the end of the sentence.

Mirroring has been found to be instrumental in the development of performative gender roles Klinge and Rogers, Kazinsky, Include the page number in parentheses at the end of the quoted text. Note that the quotation marks surround the text only, and not the parenthetical citation.

Long direct quotations are those with at least 40 words of quoted text in a row. Long quotes should be placed in a separate block of lines without quotation marks , similar to creating a new paragraph. Begin the quotation on a new line and indent 0.

Find The Best Abstract Examples And Learn How To Write Your Own

Type the entire quotation within these new margins and using double-spacing. Include the parenthetical citation after the final punctuation mark. This tendency could be attributed to either a misunderstanding of correct methodology or to a feeling of freedom to explore different approaches that the researchers have yet to employ.

When paraphrasing the ideas of another work , you only need to cite the author and year of publication in your in-text citation.

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