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Machiavelli and the Admirable Virtue of Cesare Borgia! To admire a head of state speaks well for that leader's qualities. However, what if the qualities of the admired typically inspire trepidation and are not so admirable after all? Brutality, deceitfulness, and treachery typify the characteristics of a tyrant.

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Borgia is the near-perfect prince who exemplifies Machiavelli'sradical theory of virtue that holds no regard formorality other than what is necessary to attain and preserve a state. Machiavelli uses Cesare Borgia's parable to prove thatmorality is a malleable tool to use when convenient and abandon when inconvenient. The name Borgia is associated with Renaissance decadence, treachery and questionable realpolitik.

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The reports of the fine and bloodthirsty condottiere Cesare Borgia; his dad, Pope Alexander VI, has spawned a countless quantity of reports, poems, books, operas and movies. Cesare Borgia's morally flexible virtue dominates Machiavelli's fascination and he identifies Borgia as thebest of the best or as close as you can get to it.

Borgia "used every means and took all the precautions that a wise and able [virtuoso] man should to root himself in those states which had been granted him by the arms and fortunes of others Machiavelli 19 " Borgiamurders his opposition, aka the Orsini and Colonna families, while simultaneously achieving their subjects' loyalties. He establishes his own army to replace the auxiliary and mercenary forces. He seizes control of Romagna and, at first, employs cruel methods of governance, but later allows the state to govern itself.

He also employs a cruelminister to govern Romagna who he later exploits as a scapegoat and executes to avoid hatred and instill fear in his people.

Finally, Borgia resolves to solidify his power in Italy by taking control of the Vatican. Machiavelli and the Admirable Virtue of Cesare Borgia 2 plans to eliminate the established nobles, bribe sway the College of Cardinals to his sympathies, and overtake as much of the papal land as he can before his father, Pope Alexander VI, dies.

Borgia's strategy is uncompromising Chapter six makes clear that the best and most praiseworthy princes gain power through virtue and their very own arms, as did Moses, Cyrus, Theseus, and Romulus. In the wake of the political disarray, Putin subsequently ordered the mobilization of unmarked Russian soldiers to control the peninsula Berry. In the days that followed, the Crimean parliament passed a referendum to secede from Ukraine. The Prince gives the reader insight into the machinations behind success as a leader. Machiavelli goes on to discuss in Chapter V how to govern a newly acquired state.

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Although the idea of nobility is somewhat archaic in modern times, the latter part still holds true, especially for Putin. When Putin was elected into office, he won with The majority of Russian voters elected him into power. In the eyes of the people, Putin was their deliverer from oppression. Furthermore, Putin displays Machiavellian aspects in regards to deception.

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In addition, Putin refused to acknowledge the presence of unmarked Russian soldiers in the Crimean peninsula. Under the guise of helping the oppressed ethnic Russians, something the common people desire in their leader as aforementioned, Putin was able to annex valuable land with relative international impunity and without any interference from other world powers. A very muscular Putin sits atop the ox, holding on to Russian-flag colored reins. These paintings are a Machiavellian tool.

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Sorry, copying is not allowed on our website. We will occasionally send you account related emails. One of the most prominent themes of the prince is wealth. When it becomes wealth, Machiavelli refers to luck, fate or opportunity. He applied this concept to the prince and the duke.

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Wealth can be useful or informative, or it can be harmful or dangerous. Machiavelli believes that wealth dominates half of people's lives and the other half is dominated by their own talent. Machiavelli often uses the words "heroic" and "wealth" to explain the two different ways the prince is holding power. One of the aims of writing Machiavelli's "Prince" is to investigate the success and failure of the prince by his own free will and how much it depends on the environment or environment he lives in.

Machiavelli specifically applied this problem to the past failures of the Prince of Italy. In chapter 25, Machiavelli discusses the role of wealth in determining human relationships.