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Rain essaysAcid Rain is a serious problem with many effects.

Essay on acid rain acid rain is any precipitation; rain, snow, or fog that contains acids such as sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxide. Case study web design inspiration Acid rain research paper - acid rain is rain that is more acidic than normal. Mega mergers and acquisitions case studies from key industries Separation anxiety case study Cover letter for quality control position.

Acid Rain essays the acid rain removes nutrients from soil, so plants can not get to them, so this eventually kills surrounding die. Essay on acid rain acid rain is any form of precipitation that is polluted by sulphur dioxide so2 , and nitrogen oxides nox.

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Acid rain research paper - the problem of acid rain what causes acid rain when power stations, factories, houses and cars release pollution into the air it has chemicals in it called sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides. Adult fish can survive in more acidic water having high concentration of aluminium than fry fish.

Essay on Acid Rain

Brook trout is most acid tolerant while rainbow trout the least. So a few critically affected lakes still have population of mature fish. Many bacteria and blue green algae are killed due to the acidification, disrupting the whole ecological balance. Acid rain killed fishes in lakes and destroyed trees in a wide swathe across Europe. In , the pH of the rain at Europe was 5. This acid rain has damaged leaves of plants and trees and had retarded the growth of Swedish Forests. Actually nutrients like calcium, potassium, iron, and magnesium have been leached away from soil by acids.

Essay on “Acid Rain” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

These nutrients are most essential for the plant growth. Acid rain has already been an acute problem in North America and Europe, where in has destroyed crops and forests, reducing agricultural productivity. In Canada also, the plants and trees are being destroyed by acid rain pollutants emitted by industries in Northern USA. Recently the effect of acid precipitation on terrestrial vegetation indicates reduced rate of photosynthesis and growth and increased sensitivity to drought and disease.

Acid rain has severely retarded the growth of crops such as pea, beans, radish, potato, spinach, broccoli and carrots etc. Is inhibited, thereby destroying the fertility of the soil. Root systems are damaged by the uptake of aluminium released from the soil. Acid deposition weakens the trees like pine, spruce, ashes, and rich which can be easily-attacked by pathogens and drought. Air pollution in England now descends upon Sweden as acid rain. Acidification of soil changes its biology and chemistry. Plant can easily absorb cadmium from the acidified soil. High levels of cadmium in plants are injurious for animals and human beings.

Bernhard Ulrich of the University of Goettingen in FRG first sounded an alarm when his test of German soils showed high acid inputs in seventies form the atmosphere. He predicted that acids leached nutrients from levels and soils. Trees pulled heavy metal ions, like cadmium, chromium, and aluminium into their systems. These ions are immobile in many soils, but acidic water mobilises them and causes tree damage.

Acidic rain in Japan has damaged sq. This area is affected by high acid deposition brought about by air pollutants. In summer rapid snow melt gives a jolt of acid water to lakes. Lakes become dead. Acid lakes have low levels of phytoplankton, snails, clams, oysters etc. Black fish, mosquitoes, deer fish and other aquatic worms occur abundantly where fishes are eliminated.

So they appear to thrive in acid conditions. Dragon fly larvae and water boatmen also flourish in acidified lakes. The activity of the bacteria and other microscopic animals is reduced in acidic water. So the dead material and other accumulated substances lying on the bottom of lakes are not rapidly decomposed. Thus essential nutrients as nitrogen and phosphorus stay locked up in plant and animal remains.

Biomass production is reduced and fish population declines. Aquatic plants such as broad-leafed pond weeds do not grow in acid water. This could affect the feeding and breeding habits of aquatic species.

Acid Rain Essay

Acid rain causes extensive damage to building and structural materials of marble, limestone, slate and mortar etc. In Greece and Italy, invaluable stone statues have been partially dissolved by acid rain. Acid rain also corrodes houses, monuments, statues, bridges, fences and railings that cost the world million dollars a year. Due to acidity, levels of heavy metals as Al, Mn, Pb, Cd, Cr, and Cu in water increases beyond the safe limit which indirectly affects the buildings.

Acid rains are great threat to British environment. Much of the falling snow in Britain is now highly acidic. At St. Ornamental stone work on a church in Bristol is corroded by acid in the air. H 2 S tarnishes silver and blackens leaded house paints.

Essay on Acid Rain

Ozone produces cracks in rubber. Traces of radioactive elements present in radioactive rain severely damage the buildings. Acidification can play havoc with human nervous system, respiratory system and digestive system by making the person an easy prey to neurological diseases. Microbes in rain water have great influence on terrestrial phase of eco-system.

They cause several plant infections or the infections in the respiratory tract of animals.

Recent studies on the epidemiology of brown and black rust have shown that quit often spores from southern sources are directly transported to Central India, which are deposited mainly by rains. It has been recognised that such a spread occurs to a distance of more than km, some times without infecting the fields.

Micro-organisms present in rain water also play some role in spread of animal disease especially the foot and mouth disease of cattle and sheep. Though acidity of rain water is yet to be adequately monitored, developing countries like India have to cope with this problem of acid pollution.


Several industrial areas with pH value of rain water below or close to the critical value have been recorded in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur and Kolkata. Kolkata 5. Recently it has been estimated that the total emission of SO 2 in India from fossil-fuel burning has increased from 1. There is an urgent need for proper regular monitoring to provide timely warnings about acidification of our environment.