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A tragic hero is defined as someone usually of great stature that falls into a condition of sheer depression. As the audience witnesses the fall of this character they would feel helpless understanding that the fall of this hero was caused by chance, fate or a critical flaw in his character.

This essay will outline how John Proctor is initially portrayed by Arthur Miller, what the chinks in his armour are, how his character strengthens, and how John Proctor's inner strength prevails towards the end of the play.

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The audience first see John Proctor as a man of great stature and impeccable wit that has committed a degrading act, which now makes him weaker in personality and filled with guilt. A sense of suspicion also lingers about him, since his wife does not completely trust him after he confessed his sin to her. Miller is describes Proctor as the kind of man — 'powerful of body', 'respected' and even 'feared' in Salem. Ironically after praising John Proctor, Miller reveals to the audience that he is a 'sinner' that has now come to think of himself as a 'fraud' because he cannot confront his own wrongdoing.

Essay on John Proctor: Character Traits of the Crucible

This realization, along with Elizabeth's forgiveness, enables Proctor to forgive himself and finally regain his good name and self-respect. As the court officials lead him to the gallows, he finds peace for the first time in the play. Previous Abigail Williams. Next Reverend Hale. Removing book from your Reading List will also remove any bookmarked pages associated with this title.

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How Is John Proctor Presented in the Crucible Essay Example

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