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The network large scale and distributed due to Quantitative analysis of networks is need of and in turn the society. Clustering helps us to group Clustering helps us to group people with similar characteristics dense social networks.

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We have considered similarity measures for statistical When a social network is represented as a graph with members as nodes and their relation as edges, graph mining would be suitable for statistical analysis. We have chosen academic social network nodesto simplify network analysis. Question-answering QA research emerged as an attempt to tackle the information-overload problem.


Question answering systems take users natural language questions and locate answers from large collections of documents. The current The current existing Question-Answeringffi systems can deal with shallow questions factual questions somehow easily and correctly, but asking deep questions non-factual questions or complex questions such as Why-questions are more di cult than asking shallow questions.

However, these complex questions cannot be neglected as input for a QA system as they comprise about 5 percentage of all why-questions and it shows that this kind of questions do have relevance in QA applications. So the work discuss about the role of dscourse structure in dealing with 'why' questions since it is based on Rhetoric Structure Theory, which helps in identifying the relationship between sentences or paragraphs from a given text or document and investigate to what extent discourse structure does indeed enable answering why-questions.

The main task of this article is to focus on the performance of cooperative MIMO relaying in terms of data rate and Power. The preciseness of the derived closed form expression of optimum power allocation of the DF-based relaying system is demonstrated by simulation results. Original papers The goal of this Conference is to bring together researchers and practitioners from academia and industry to focus on advanced networking concepts and establishing new collaborations in these areas.

The rapid growth in the usage of the internet had led to many serious security issues in the network.

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The intrusion detection system IDS is one of the sophisticated defensive systems used to detect the malicious activities happening in The intrusion detection system IDS is one of the sophisticated defensive systems used to detect the malicious activities happening in the network services across the world. Hence, more advanced IDS are been developed in past few years. To improve the performance of the IDS, the system has to be trained effectively to increase the efficiency and decrease the false alarm rate.

To train the system the attributes selection plays the major role. This paper evaluates and compares the performance of the intrusion detection systems for different feature reduction techniques in high speed networks. Abstract-The rapid growth in the usage of the internet had led to many serious security issues in the network.

Pentest em Redes sem fio - Daniel Moreno. Pentest em redes sem fio tem o intuito de capacitar o leitor a entender e realizar o pentest em redes sem fio. The journal focuses on all technical and It aims to bring together scientists, It aims to bring together scientists, researchers and students to exchange novel ideas and results in all aspects of cryptography, coding and Information security. In Network Security and Cryptography, hash functions play a very important role.

To check the Integrity, Authenticity of information or data transmitting between the Seder and receiver party hash algorithms are used. Digital signature Digital signature also uses the hash algorithm.

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Hash function used for key generation in Symmetric and Asymmetric Key Cryptosystems. Different algorithms provide different level of security depending on how difficult is to break them. This paper discusses importance of hash functions, description about various well known hash functions, and comparative analysis of various hash algorithms. Unlike the wired networks, the unique characteristics of mobile networks pose a number of nontrivial challenges to security design, such as open peer-to-peer network architecture, shared wireless medium, stringent resource constraints, highly dynamic network topology, and absence of a trusted infrastructure.

Ubiquitous roaming impacts on a radio access system by requiring that it supports handover between neighboring cells and different networks.

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Also, mobile networks are more exposed to interferences than wired networks. Such ubiquitous network access allows vandals and criminals to exploit vulnerabilities in networked systems on a widespread basis. This situation makes security and privacy designs for emerging wireless networks both critical and challenging. As a result, we need to build wireless systems and networks in which various applications allow users to enjoy more comprehensive services while preserving trust, security and privacy at the same time.

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This Special Issue aims to identifying and exploring different issues and challenges related to security aspects in Wireless Networks. Proposed models for better security.

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