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The overused noun is now synonymous with the evils of youth culture and its incumbent violence, drugs, guns and sexual misconduct. There is a lot of rooftop shouting and table banging about the breakdown of teenage society: poor education, dysfunctional families, no respect for the older generations.

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At worst, clouded in denial and cushioned in the fiction of the non-existent "good old days". Societies throughout history have each had their share of unlawful, out-of-control youth. We hear a lot about an epidemic rise in youth crime.

The truth is, youth crime has always been a part of society. It is how society deals with it that dictates its trajectory.

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Much of the reported rise in youth crime is in direct relation to the huge population increase in recent decades and, crucially, in the way the media choose to report youth crime. I put the blame for the de-meaning of the word gang squarely on the money hungry, narrative-driven media to ramp up our fear of the fiction of "gangs dominating every street corner".

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The issue is adrenalised in drama, documentaries and rolling news by repeatedly declaring "gang culture" as the cause of teenage societal meltdown. Gang culture is the widely accepted term used directly in connection with youth violence. I've been working with young people both in and out of prison for more than 20 years, and what's clear is that gangs in and of themselves are not the problem.

I was part of a gang in school and it was all about belonging to a group — it had nothing to do with fighting other gangs. It's when gangs start using violence to control turf and territory and make money that we need to take action.

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Young people join gangs because it is a crucial part of growing up. Gangs do not always revert to violence.

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If there are positive, older role models involved with these gangs, they can hold the boundaries essential to stopping them spiralling out of control and turning violent and crime driven. This is key. Young people are looking for boundaries, and these are explored in gangs and in their social interactions with each other and people outside the gang circle.