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Receiving an award or degree for completing school is an example of an extrinsic motivator. These motivators can drive students to pursue excellence in school and influence them to be personally responsible for their studies. They will help you come up with a routine of dedication and hard work.

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Without hard work, sacrifice, and commitment, you are unlikely to have a thriving academic career. The measure of devotion, hard work, and dedication are the aspects that differentiate between the students who are active and those who are not. In conclusion, accomplishing academic goals demands personal responsibility. No one else will be responsible for your success. In addition, time management, reflection, critical thinking, and effective planning are positive techniques that will help you achieve your dreams in school and in the workplace. They will give you the tools to be the best employee or employer after getting your degree.

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Take Personal Responsibility For Your Life And Your Happiness

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Advantages of Personal Responsibility Individual responsibility may be perceived in different ways. Some of the benefits include: Individual responsibility pushes you to be a better person. Personal dependability is about taking accountability for your actions and the impact that these actions have on others. It is a sign of maturity. When you are responsible, you depend on yourself not others. It cultivates discipline. This is the ability to follow the rules or guidelines to complete a particular task.

It results in a high reward. For instance, a student who accomplishes his or her academic goals is on the path to success.

With the above points, we can now consider a personal responsibility essay. Essay on Responsibility : Personal Responsibility and College Success Various factors contribute towards college success.

When you take responsibility for your life, you achieve your dreams

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Your Message. Send message. Best Price. Starts from:. This concept is similar for the businesses working to give opportunities. If people neglect to be responsible, they can easily affect others in different ways, and most of them are hard to anticipate. It leads to negative consequences.

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Responsibility is something they learn at their early age. As people get older, they take everything they learn and use it in their own interests to help them sustain a good way of living. Maintaining a healthy mind and respecting others are important. What is your responsibility? You can easily avoid certain actions if you know their potential negative outcomes, and some people decide to do them.

Is there any example? Parents and adults tell youngsters that they need to stay away from all kinds of illegal substances, like drugs, as they cause harm to bodies and may lead to their death. They know harsh consequences, but they still use them. It seems quite simple to help yourself by staying away from bad things and leading a healthy lifestyle, but some people think that their responsibility is boring and they look for available ways to add more excitement to their lives.

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