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Sheep Production 10, 20, Communication Media 10, 20, Autobody 10, A20, B20, A30, B Commercial Cooking 10, 20, Electrical and Electronics 10, 20 A30, B Agriculture Studies Accounting 10, 20, Information Processing 10, 20, Natural Resources. Wildlife Management 10, 20, Driver Education. Apprenticeship Credit Policy. Work Placement Injury Reporting Procedure. Aboriginal Languages.

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Catholic Studies. Catholic Studies 9. Christian Ethics. Search by Curriculum. Level Subject Area.

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English Language Arts 9. Comprehend and Respond. Compose and Create. Assess and Reflect on Language Abilities. Exploring Love, Loyalty, and Relationships. Indigenous and Norse Narratives. Our Shared Linguistic and Cultural Roots. Surviving and Conquering.

Canadian Studies

Environmental and Technological. Imaginative and Literary. Personal and Philosophical. Social, Cultural, and Historical. View, listen to, read, comprehend, and respond to a variety of texts that address identity e.

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  • NOTE: Italicized text refers to those indicators that are emphasized at this grade level. View and demonstrate comprehension of visual and multimedia texts to synthesize and summarize ideas from multiple visual and multimedia sources. Listen purposefully to understand, analyze, and evaluate oral information and ideas from a range of texts including conversations, discussions, interviews, and speeches.

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    Listen purposefully to understand, analyze, and evaluate oral information and ideas from a range of texts including directions and train of thought, main points, and presentation techniques. Read independently and demonstrate comprehension of a variety of information texts including expository essays, historical accounts, news articles, and scientific writing. Create various visual, multimedia, oral, and written texts that explore identity e.

    Create and present an individual researched inquiry project related to a topic, theme, or issue studied in English language arts. Select and use appropriate strategies to communicate meaning before e. Create and present a variety of visual and multimedia presentations to best represent message for an intended audience and purpose.

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    Create and present a variety of visual and multimedia presentations including addressing various audiences for one proposal. Use oral language to interact purposefully, confidently, and appropriately in a variety of situations including participating in one-to-one, small group, and large group discussions e. Use oral language intentionally to express a range of information and ideas in formal and informal situations including dramatic readings of poems, monologues, scenes from plays, and stories and presenting reasoned arguments of opposing viewpoints.

    Write to describe a profile of a character , to narrate a narrative essay , to explain and inform a researched report , and to persuade a review. Write to describe a description of a scene , to narrate a personal essay , to explain and inform a multi-paragraph letter , and to persuade a letter to the editor.

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    Experiment with a variety of text forms e. Assess personal strengths and needs as a viewer, listener, reader, representer, speaker, and writer and contributions to the community of learners, and develop goals based on assessment and work toward them. Assess own and others' work for clarity, correctness, and impact. Instructional Software Term Paper Linking Words List For Essays Terminator Salvation Background Wallpaper Asmph Essay Writing Free Resume Blueprint How To Write Copyright Canadian Studies 30 Essays Poorly Written Narrative Essays Topics Global Warming Model Essay Discovery Creative Writing Ideas Mossberg Vs Comparison Essay Planet Papers Free Essays Influenza Pandemic Of Essay College Essay Garden Business Plan Gandhi Mahatma Essay Aboriginality Proofreading Outline Of African Literature Essays Ap Thesis Examples This page is hosted for free by zz.

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