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Sources: Registered Nurse RN. Nursing Explorer.

Got A Quick Question? Wondering about a travel nursing career? Ask Us! If you're a human, don't change the following field Enter your name Your first name. Rebecca L. I love the new place. I even have a view of the mountains from my room. I'm located perfectly, with lots of shopping and dining Read more. See Also For busy registered nurses, state board or employer Its crazy how fast time flies…. I just kept taking quiz after quiz. If I was in line at a grocery store or waiting anywhere… I would pull my phone out and do a few questions.

I wish you all much success. I had three different review books as well as all of my ATI material. The only one that I found useful was the Saunders review. It came with a disc with over questions that were broken down by systems. I only reviewed my weak areas endocrine and renal. I liked the Saunders because it gave me the rationale as to why the answer was correct or wrong and that allowed me to retain the information. I finished my exam in less than a hour and the computer shut off at Is the Kaplan review worth it?

Or should I opt to buy for just the Qbank instead?

I took it for my LPN and done in 80 questions. I am taking for RN as well. Email them for coupon codes. I studied for 1 wk then went and take the test.

ATI Predictor Exam: How well will you do on the NCLEX exam?

I have taken Hurst, Kaplan, and 2 other local review courses. I dont know what to do anymore. Can anyone please help me? My sanity and bank account are beginning to run low due to this. Someone, anyone, please help me. Is it possible that you are psyching yourself out? I had to stop myself from doing that or else I know I would have failed. Do you experience anything like this when you test?

Has Anyone Here Done Poorly on the ATI Critical Thinking Entrance Exam?

My professors in Nursing school even told me that back then. I just cant figure out what i need to do to push me above that passing line. Honestly, may sound crazy but I took a Xanax before I went in for mine! I knew I had test anxiety and it really helped! I passed! I was hesitant at first coz I feel like not doing any review anymore.. I enrolled to her class and the rest is history. I passed my nclex couple of months ago. Thelma — a kind of instructor who genuinely cares and guides her students all the way.

Right now I feel so lost BC I failed it twice. Thinking back on when you have taken the test, what stands out at you as what you struggled with the most? Any particular types of questions? Hi Brittany! I was good at content but got bombed with the style of the question. I am almost SURE more than half of my test was the multiple answer style questions. They got harder and harder toward the end and at , I did NOT pass.

Just a thought………love to hear your opinion!

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I am habitually seeking people who have not passed so I can write words of encouragement. I completed LPN school in I failed my broads twice and I gave up. Does anyone know if I would hVe to take a refresher course or if I could test at any time?

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Thank you for your help. Thank you so much for this post! I love the Saunders comprehensive review books, they have helped me a ton in school.

Would you also like to request a price quote?

Have faith in yourself and try not to stress. The worse thing you can do is psych yourself out going into the test.

ATI Comprehensive Predictor Exit Exam NCLEX - How to Pass & Interpret Scores vs NCLEX

Study daily until the day before the test. On that day, do something fun and relax. Arrive at your test site early. I have failed 6 times. I honestly do not know what else to do. Please do not give up. You did not go through nursing school to be defeated by a test! Kayla, these words are encouraging to me too! Not giving up but not sure what to do? Its frustrating but know you are not alone. This site has been really helpful to see what I need to work on! Good luck on your next test!! Never give up your dream!

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Great post Brittney! So many students psych themselves out when it comes to standardized tests. I took Kaplan twice, and an individual online tutor program twice. Am I a hopeless case? I studied and felt like I knew the material. I feel totally defeated. Any advice? I feel the same way. I too have failed 5 times. SSo sorry to hear, me too took it 6 times and failed. I am using the Saunders test taking strategy, Lippincott etc. The questions are similar to the NCLEX and it goes to level 8 which is I think actually harder than the real deal, but it helps with strategy and critical thinking.

The test has been changed Several times. It was updated not long ago.

Practice Critical Thinking Test