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Just the fact that we were all together doing something physical was fun. In fact, all I remember was chatting with my classmates. They were all intelligent, friendly people and I realized that it probably would have been impossible for me to meet them in public and spend time with them without this assignment. It is funny that it took a school assignment for me to make friends with people. I reflected on this and I realized that I had taken dozens of classes and did not know most of the people in my classes. Someone who displays narcissistic traits can lead to people not wanting to socialize and be friends with them.

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Being a new college student who displays narcissism can make it difficult to make friends with others. To make friends and to keep friends you have to have a desirable personality, one that invites people in or causes people to want to continue to be your friend. Someone who displays themselves as being sad or depressed causes others to not want to be around them.

Facebook and other social media sites can cause these sad or depressed moods in people and that is why it is hard for them to make or keep friends. There are many positives that come from Facebook and other social media websites. Facebook connects people at a global level allowing people who have migrated to other countries to be able to interact with family that they have left behind in their home countries.

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Facebook has also brought people closer together, keeping friends off to different colleges in touch. Facebook has also allowed people who would normally lose touch to be able to grow close and become really good friends. Facebook has also allowed people to make new friends. All of these are great things that Facebook has brought the people.

Football And Aristotle 's Philosophy Of Friendship

Social media has redefined the way people interact and how friendship is perceived. Facebook has brought a whole new aspect to friendship and how people become or stay in touch with their friends. In conclusion, Facebook and other social media sites bring a lot of positive things to the way people interact and how friendship is viewed.

It has let people meet and interact with anyone around the world. It has given a new meaning to friendship and how someone becomes friends with another person. While all of these things are good, they all come at an expense.

Facebook has caused people to stay inside instead of going out to socialize face-to-face with people. This has led to people forgetting social cues and becoming awkward.

Not only that but people also found it harder to make friends because of Facebook. Due to Facebook being able to keep people in touch and strengthen friendships, it has caused others to have problems with making friends. People have become emotional and have also forgotten about people due to excessive use of Facebook.